What is Found in the Water is True

Real-time Audiovisual performance, 2024

Performed at:
2024 "More Strange Things" At Silent Green Berlin
2024 "Algomystica" At Tatwerk, CTM Vorspiel

"What is found in the water is true" is a multi-media audiovisual performance. A portal is opened to bring the nowness in. A girl sits by the river, she picks up the pen and writes half a picture, neither the painting nor the scene can be distinguished. Where did the girl get this picture?

I merge the ancient tradition of Chinese 山水 Shanshui painting with contemporary technology, embodying a multi-sensory experience. Through the interplay of Shanshui strokes, dynamic lighting, embodied performance inspired by Taichi, voice, and an unpredictable AI model, I craft an immersive audiovisual space that challenges the perception of reality. This fusion invites participants into a deep dream of human-technology symbiosis and collective memories, where the present moment unfolds organically, urging contemplation on the intersection of Chinese phylosophy and modern innovation.

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