Badminton Étude

Real-time Audiovisual performance, 2022

Tools: Supercollider, Processing, glsl Shader

#Creative Coding
#Generative Art
#Ewig wiederkehrnde Badminton

Performed at:
2022 Algorave 10th Birthday Party, hosted by Transmediale
2022 UdK Berlin Rundgang
2022 Sound Campus, Ars Electronica

Badminton Étude is a multimedia performance with one generative sound performer and two badminton players. It focus on the intertwined interaction between the players and machine, the possibility and the response within a social activity. Algorithms are as musical matierial, together with human steering the composition. Repeatedly it goes to a meditated moment, every action is pulling the future and itself.

Performed at Sound Campus, Ars Electronica 2022

Performed at UdK Berlin Rundgang 2022