Generativ sound installation on circular time

Tools: Supercollider, Processing

#feedback in socialty
#circular time
#Eternal Return

exhibited at:
Vilém Flusser Archive during 2022 UdK Berlin Rundgang

Ancient eastern thinking conceives change within a process that holds together repetition and transformation. And there is no final state of the universe as Nietzsche believes, that the world is in a constant state of flux, always changing and becoming, time is therefore infinite, there is no beginning nor ending, but it bends round into a circle. The installation Returnity presents a documentation of an improvisation within such a circular time, a feedback in the society, the extrange of pieces of the encounter's awarenesses. The improvisation, as Vilém Flusser suggests, is an incorporation with continually reprogrammed memories that will replace the score. With the idea of an intuitive open source interface, it opens one's creativity by suggesting a life philosophy that in a cyclic time where every moment of time has its own reason to be and so does man. It is about meditation into the moment, repetition and maintenance.

Lecture Performce "How to get along with time"at Vilém Flusser Archive

Videos During the exhibition