Real-time Audiovisual Project, 2021

Tools: Processing, Supercollider, glsl Shader

#Creative Coding
#Generative Art
#Cyclic Time

Perform at:
2021 UdK Berlin Rundgang
2022 CTM Vorspiel Novilla

Tiiiiime is a realtime-generative audiovisual project. It is staged as a live performance environment with computer algorithmic. One can play intuitively with autonomes agent of machine, interpret and react to the present. As well as the machine, according to its intern state, a new sound/visual will be generated and gives response to the human. Through the intuition of human and randomness of the machine, an unexpected appearance, a flux and a continual movement will be shown. Tiiiiime tries to translate the Philosophy of time in ancient china as well as in Buddhism which is a cyclic concept of time - a continual cycle of beginnings and endings where nothing is unique. Values and meanings are in the instant moment, in Augenblick. So as Nietzsche believed that there is no final state of the universe; that the world is in a constant state of flux, always changing and becoming, there is no beginning neither ending, but it bends round into a circle. Time is therefore infinite, awareness is the window to see the depth of the moment, through the meditation on the moment, time can be expanded.

Perform at 2021 UdK Rundgang

Perform at 2022 CTM Vorspiel