Real-time Audiovisual Program, 2020

Software: Processing, Supercollider

#Creative Coding
#Breaking the Timeline
#Computational Sound

Time is one of the important topic of contemporary art. With the development of science and technology, artists have more media and methods to explore the concept of time. The reflection on the concept of time inspired my artistic experiment. For me, time is inherently intangible, but consciousness cuts it out and puts it into space so that we can grasp time, manipulate time, and even tamper with time, so that our life can be safe and stable.

During my trip in Poland, I used an old-fashioned Sony Handycam with cassette to record the images, which is the materials in this video. The modern RealTime medien frameworks allow me to reconstruct time, space and rhythm. I used Processing to design the mechanism of this program, and synchronised Processing and Supercollider through OSC protocol. Using the coordinate axis of the mouse and the keyboard, one can control the space and speed of the picture and sound at the same time.

I also introduced randomness and probability in this program. Every time it is played, one can’t tell where it will go and will be like, which makes time once again approach its original appearance - Time is only in this moment, everything is in constant flow.